Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines

simple-machinesEvolution Revolution: Simple Machines
by Charlotte Bennardo
Publisher: CreateSpace, 2016
ISBN: 978-1534903210


In a quiet wood, a common gray squirrel will start a war. First he learns words and how to use simple machines like the wheel. Named Jack by the boy who teaches him, Jack sees construction machines invade his wood and threaten his nest and tree. Sharing what he’s learned with Sister, he calls a Gathering of the woodland animals to convince them to fight. Most of the animals, like Beaver, Bird and the Rabbits are afraid. Fox and Rat do not want to learn anything from a human, until Jack tells Fox his den will be the first destroyed by the machines. The animals unite: Beaver, Owl, Fox, Rat, and even Sister join the fight. They win one battle, but they may not win the war because the humans have become especially interested in them.

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About the Author

Charlotte Bennardo sees story ideas all around her and has written them down on napkins, the bottoms of her shoes, paper bags–even her arms. When she works at her Bridgewater, NJ office, she pens YA, MG, and adult novels, if she can hide long enough from her three sons, husband, needy cat, and demanding squirrel. Along with Natalie Zaman, she is the co-author of the Sirenz series (Flux).
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