I’m Looking For a Monster

I’m Looking For a Monster
by Timothy Young
Publisher: Random House, 2008
For ages:


Pop-Up Book. Monsters are popping up all over the place! But not just any monster will do–no, sir! Lift the flaps, turn the wheel, and pull the tabs to find the perfect monster. Who knows? Maybe the perfect monster
is looking for YOU!


It will take you maybe 15 seconds to read I’M LOOKING FOR A MONSTER in its entirety, but I’ll bet you take much, much longer to peruse its pages. See, Timothy Young’s book is a pop-up, intended for pre-kindergarteners, and while they’ll be entranced by the wheels, tabs, flaps and snaps, it’s adults like you who can truly appreciate Young’s illustrations. Each spread contains a single-colored background, with all the figures in the foreground in black. Only eyes, teeth and various kinds of horns and claws render as white, making for a simplistic, stark cartoony look that’s rather cool. It should keep the kids entertained until Halloween, when they’ll wish their trick-or-treat bags looked as hip.

“I’m Looking for a Monster” by Timothy Young (Random House, $9.99). Comical monsters pop up all over the place in this cleverly designed popup book that illicits more giggles than screams. The reason the young boy at the story’s center is searching for creepy crawlers becomes clear in a delightful turn at the end.

In this novelty picture book, Timothy Young follows one little boy who is looking for a monster. But not just any monster — it has to be the perfect monster. Big, small, furry, horned, scaly, and scary monsters all file through one by one, until he finds the one he wants — but why does he need a monster anyway?

Young’s menagerie of monsters is illustrated in silhouette against brightly colored backgrounds that literally pop off the page. Kids reveal the monsters with a variety of novelty elements, including pull tabs, a wheel, a gatefold, and several pop-ups.

Scary monsters become children’s friendly playmates in this interactive pop-up book. Kids get to pull tabs, turn wheels, lift flaps and pop-up pages as they tag along in the search for the perfect, frightening friend. Big or small? Furry or scaly? You decide. A fun addition to any child’s trick-or-treat bag.

I’m Looking for a Monster! by Timothy Young (Random House). Nope, this monster is too slimy. That one is too scary. And the one over there has too many antlers. Darn it! The perfect monster has to be around here somewhere! So raise the flaps, pull the tabs and spin the wheel to find him.



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About the Author

Timothy Young is the author, illustrator and pop-up engineer of I’m Looking For A Monster! (Random House) He has worked as an art director, toy designer and animator and has designed his own App for the iPhone. He lives near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with his wife and 3 children and loves talking to students about all of the creative things they can do. He has two new books coming out in 2012, Shadows On My Wall and They’re Coming! (Schiffer Publishing)’
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Timothy is available for school visits. He reads his books, does drawing demonstrations and talks to students about all of the fun, creative jobs he’s had. His school visits can be tailored to age groups including preschoolers, elementary, middle and high school (you’d be surprised how entertained a group of high-schoolers can be by a picture book author/illustrator) You can contact him at timyoung@creaturesandcharacters.com