The Butt Book

The Butt Book
by Artie Bennett
Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59990-311-8
For ages: 4-9




“Butts have cheeks just like our faces, though they’re found in different places.”

Make way for the butt! Tall butts, small butts, flat butts, fat butts. Butts on giraffes and elephants and dogs and . . . FISH? Yes, even fish butts are celebrated in this riotous tribute to backsides, rumps, tushies, keisters, heinies, and derrieres in all their resplendently ridiculous glory. Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s body books (The Foot Book, etc.)—and compared favorably with them!—The Butt Book, which won the coveted Reuben Award for Book Illustration, keeps both kids and grown-ups giggling giddily with glee. Bottoms up!


The Butt Book was showered with praise. Here is just a small sampling of the reviews:

The Butt Book is the funniest book I have ever read. I have to give the author a lot of credit for writing this hilarious book. I read the book at least twenty times, enjoying immensely the rhyming on each page. As a former kindergarten teacher, I can see how the book can be used in the classroom to teach students all about rhyming words. Every elementary classroom should have a copy of this book, so it can be used to teach kids about that important part of the human body. I love the section where the author gives the name of butts in different languages. This is simply awesome. A teacher can use that information to introduce the study of a different culture. Doing so will help expand a child’s horizon and learn to appreciate people from other parts of the world. There is also the science component to this well-written book. I can only imagine what a science teacher can do to introduce information about the many species of creatures mentioned in the book. I can visualize how a child will read repeatedly this well-written book, exposing him/her or her to new words. This is what reading is all about, catching a child’s attention from the start, so he or she can fall in love with reading. The illustrations by Mike Lester bring further value to this one-of-a-kind book. Bravo! Well done.” —Blogcritics

“An astounding tour de force!” —The Brooklyn Paper

The Butt Book is a hilarious rhyming tribute to our bottom end! With phrases like, ‘Butts have cheeks just like our faces, though they’re found in different places,’ the reader and audience is sure to laugh out loud! While the topic can be inappropriate at times, this book was extremely cute, respectful, and a well-done tribute to our very useful bottom end. It explains all the things we couldn’t do if we didn’t have one very useful body part. The pictures will make you laugh out loud, the story line is even funnier! Everyone in our house enjoyed this book and the kids were thrilled to read it. The book is a wonderful edition to the kids library for those silly moment reads! It captures the essence of a child while being appropriate and tastefully written. It was wonderful for readers of all ages!” —A Cozy Reader’s Corner

The Butt Book is going to become the most-read thing in your house! —Tri-State Defender

The Butt Book by Artie Bennett, illustrated by Mike Lester, is one of those books that is a delight for both the child and the parent. My first time reading the book to the boys and my wife, I could not actually get through the whole book as I was laughing too much. We had to take a break before I was able to control myself and finish what is now one of the favorite books in the house. The rhymes that Artie brings to the table are matched with artwork that is just as humorous and brings the words of Artie to life. My favorite part of the book: ‘Without your butt, you’re incomplete. You could not use the toilet seat.’ The look on the boy’s face on that page that artist Mike captures is just outstanding. Also, who ever thinks about eagle’s butts? Artie and Mike do. Yes, I am sure there are parents who scoff at the use of the word ‘butt’ in a children’s book. To them, I say, you are missing out on a book that brings so much to the table. What my kids thought: Boy C – Age 6 – ‘It was funny.’   Boy N – Age 4 – ‘It was perfect.’ Both boys felt very enthusiastic and had a pretty concise statements for The Butt Book. I would agree with them both; this was one great book.” —BSC Kids

“Humorous and informative—really a pure delight.” —

“Every once in a while you come across a book that you immediately call out to the kids and say, ‘Come here, you have to see this book!’ That’s what I did when I received an email from Artie Bennett that included a PDF that said ‘Butt Book.’ Now, I’m sorry, but for something that says that, I’ll risk downloading a virus.  Okay, maybe not, but it definitely was worth it. I laughed like crazy as I read The Butt Book. I don’t know how many of you own The Tooth Book by Theo. LeSieg—who knows Dr. Seuss rather well—but The Butt Book is a sillier, zanier version of that story and talks about bottoms, how handy they are to have, and many of the creatures who have them. My daughters have brought every one of their friends up to my office to read this book. It is uproariously funny, and the illustrations provided by Mike Lester are just as crazy as Bennett’s rhymes. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Boys and girls will love this one!”The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection

“If you’re looking for a way to lift your child’s spirits, The Butt Book is the perfect antidote to a foul mood. This book has easily become one of my personal favorites and I suggest it to anyone who enjoys a bit of silly humor now and then.” —Children’s Book Nook

“Absolutely, positively, HILARIOUSLY good!!! Simple as that. I LOVED it. My kids LOVED it. I read it to them before they went to bed the day after I got it, and it was so FUN to not only read, but to listen to them laughing at both the story of the butts and the illustrations that followed! The reading part was so fun, because it rhymed (hello, Dr. Seuss!) and was totally catchy. I really got a bit animated when I read it to them! Totally worth the 5 stars that I am giving this book! And the illustrations . . . man, they were FANTABULOUS and went awesomely with the words Artie used. Well done, Mike Lester! If you have young kids that love a GREAT book and love a laugh-out-loud experience with eye-catching pictures, then you MUST, I repeat, MUST get a copy of Artie’s book. It will be worth it as you get “behind” the story and see how catchy it is. You’ll even know, by the end of the story, that snakes do not have butts . . . hmmmm . . . interesting (I say this because my oldest LOVES snakes . . . ewww!). What are you waiting on? Get that ‘rear’ in gear and grab a copy today!” Book Reviews by Molly

“It’s energetic, amusing, and yet largely tasteful, and the verse is reliably and rewardingly silly. Goofily drafted scratchboard figures, with a geometric regularity to the hatchwork that suggests linocuts, are tinted with softly regular shades that emphasize flesh tones and fanciful animal hues. Use this for revving up the silliness anytime, or for bringing a health and anatomy lesson to a satisfyingly comic end.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Children’s author Artie Bennett has captured all-things-butt in his charming children’s book, The Butt Book. As a parent, I was immediately struck by the kinetic, engaging illustrations provided by Mike Lester. But as I’ve learned in the past, colorful artwork alone doesn’t guarantee a child’s interest. Fortunately, the story in The Butt Book is just as engaging. The rhyming narrative is well-formed and sets a good rhythm for parents to follow. It delves into the who, what, and why of butts without sinking into anything close to offensive. In our field test, our twin three-year-old boys sat fascinated. They jabbed at the illustrations and laughed at the animated storytelling. They giggled together repeating the word, “Butt!” between one another. They sneak this book off the bookshelf to read it to themselves. The Butt Book reminds us what a good children’s book can do–tap into a child’s interest without ever seeming like it is coming from the adult world. This has quickly become one of their favorite books, and I suspect will become the same for many others.” —Daddy Says

The Butt Book is certainly funny and fantastic, and features not-at-all-naughty and surprisingly academic tribute to our often overlooked posterior. Its clever rhymes and Mike Lester’s bold and beautiful images make it an instant hit! I happened to preview some of the pages online while sitting in a meeting at school. Another teacher, reading over my shoulder, burst into laughter. ‘What book is that?’ she asked. ‘It looks hilarious!’ And it is! Its euphemisms, histories, and practical purposes make it a very serious study of human anatomy, and beyond its value as a read-aloud (plan to read it again and again!), I think it has the possibility to spark some interesting extensions in reading, writing, and science. I honestly love The Butt Book as a simple read-aloud. It’s one of those read-alouds that is its own reward, and it’s a book that kids will eagerly read on their own again and again.” Teach with Picture Books

“The title alone is enough to make both parents and kids look twice, not to mention all the rear ends featured on the cover. The Butt Book is the sort of book that will have people giggling even before they crack it open (no pun intended). It’s a celebration to the rump, the behind, the butt! Who would have thought that something so simple, so common, could be so outrageously funny and make an entire children’s book? Every keister imaginable is on these pages; people, giraffes, alligators, dogs, elephants, and even fish! The tush, the heinie, the derriere—whatever you call it, it’s a butt and everything has one, so why not get a great laugh out of it? Artie Bennett is the mastermind behind this rear end adventure and uses goofy rhymes coupled together with illustrations by Mike Lester. Readers may not be able to decide which is funnier; Bennett’s rhymes about butts or Lester’s wacky pictures of them. Not every picture is just a butt, to be sure. Occasionally readers get a glimpse of the faces of animals and people, which can be hilarious in itself because sometimes the featured creatures look startled in a comical way as if wondering just who on earth keeps staring at their behind, such as the disturbed-looking rooster on the cover or the curious joey in mama kangaroo’s pouch. Some rear ends with tails and things actually happen to use them, such as a monkey holding onto a banana or a bee with a stinger. Bennett addresses these things, so it’s never a dull moment on any page with a featured keister. Kids ages 5 to 7 are the intended audience for this book, though kids a little younger and even a little older are sure to get plenty of laughs out of it. Indeed, many adults will find themselves turning into kids again as they laugh and read aloud about behinds of all shapes, sizes, and talents. From curlicue tails, purple rumps, all the way to bushy ends and long tails, one never thinks about just how many rear ends there are in the world, but Bennett makes sure to inform readers of as many as possible.” Children’s Book Guide

“This book is fantastic and is a sure hit for the little and big kids in your life! I had a blast reading this out loud to my daughter. Bennett’s rhymes are clever and funny while the illustrations definitely serve to enhance this celebration of the under-appreciated butt. There is no doubt in my mind you can get even the most reluctant of readers to read this ‘cheeky’ tribute to the rear end. Although I can see some being a little uptight and put off by the subject matter, they really needn’t worry. I found the book to be very age-appropriate, charming and in good taste. It actually reminded me of that Dr. Seuss book about the feet, The Foot Book, which incidentally are much more gross than butts in my humble opinion. Seriously, though, this is great stuff and a terrific read-aloud for the entire family.”Book Dads

“If you are looking for an uproariously funny picture book that would keep your young ones (particularly boys) in stitches and young girls going ‘eew’ ‘gross’ ‘yuck’—or in a phrase: engage them in your reading, then this book is for you. The title alone is enough to elicit quite a few raised eyebrows from conservative aunties—and perhaps a few LOL (or ROFL) moments from the kiddies (I am trying to be IT-savvy here). Essentially, the book is a tribute to the backside—in all its form, texture, roundedness, squarishness, shades and hues. each page documents in lyrical text just how integral a part of our lives these forgotten (and largely uncommemorated) tushies are. The author goes on to explain quite pointedly what the many functions of the butt could be.What makes this book work for me is the word play, the dry wit and irreverent humor, the testing-the-waters and drowning and coming back up again to surface with even greater panache, the awesome and vibrant illustrations, and the audacity in openly celebrating something which is hardly ever talked about (with such humor and style) in children’s lit. So yes, feel free to ‘butt in’ and celebrate with us the beauty of the backside through Artie Bennett’s hilarious picture butt-book.” —Gathering Books

About the Author

Artie Bennett is the executive copy editor for a children’s book publisher and he writes a little on the side (but not the backside!). Artie, who would be hailed as “the Dr. Seuss of your caboose,” wrote The Butt Book, his first “mature” work, which was published in 2010. The Butt Book was showered with praise and won the prestigious Reuben Award for Book Illustration. His “number two” picture book, fittingly, was entitled Poopendous!  What more fertile topic could there be but poop! Poopendous! earned a bumper crop of great reviews, including this one in the Huffington Post: “For anyone who loved The Butt Book, you must immediately go and buy Artie Bennett’s follow-up, Poopendous! It appears there is no topic Mr. Bennett can’t make funny and educational.” The Show Me Librarian weighed in with: “Bennett’s use of rhyme is excellent; his stanzas flow and exude joviality in a manner that few writers since Dr. Seuss have truly mastered. Simply put, these books are a joy.” His third picture book, the much-anticipated Peter Panda Melts Down!, illustrated by the virtuosic artist John Nez, published in February 2014. Artie was the youngest (at age thirteen) person to originate and sell a crossword puzzle to the New York Times. He went on to sell several dailies and two large Sunday puzzles to the Times before he began college. It’s been downhill ever since. He and his wife, Leah, live deep in the bowels of Brooklyn, New York, where he spends his spare time moving his car to satisfy the rigorous demands of alternate-side-of-the-street parking and shaking his fist at his neighbors. He is pleased to share the visionary promise of The Butt BookPoopendous!, Peter Panda Melts Down!, and Belches, Burps, and Farts—Oh My!.  Visit . . . before someone else does!
Author’s website

School Visit Information 

Artie loves to share his hilarious and educational picture books with schoolchildren. His books can be used to jumpstart a discussion on many nature-themed topics. He can read his books aloud and/or give a PowerPoint presentation filled with fascinating information. His appearances are always highly interactive and engage children at all levels.

“Thank you for the absolutely delightful assembly at Maple Shade Elementary School.
The children adored the presentation! Poopendous! is infused with a delightful use of
rhyme, onomatopoeia, remarkable facts, and extraordinary illustrations that kept the children mesmerized throughout the entirety of your appearance. As an educator, I love it. The story serves as a fabulous starting point for language arts, science, math, and cultural diversity.”
—Susan Cramer, Reading Specialist, Maple Shade Elementary School, Pennsylvania

“Artie Bennett educates and delights at the same time. Students are on the edge of their seats and engaged during his appearances. Written in verse, his texts lend themselves well to science, poetry, creative writing, and multiple cross-curricular connections. Mr. Bennett is an engaging speaker and hands fly high whenever he opens the floor for questions.”
—Amy Althoff, Literacy Coordinator, Explore Charter Schools

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