Shallow Pond

Shallow PondShallow Pond
by Alissa Grosso
Publisher: Flux, 2013
ISBN: 978-0738730714
For ages: 12 and up


Barbara “Babie” Bunting is constantly mistaken for her sisters, but she’s determined not to end up like her family. She doesn’t plan to stick around Shallow Pond after graduation, and she certainly won’t be ruined by a broken heart. That is, until fellow orphan Zach Faraday walks into the picture, and Babie can’t deny their chemistry.

When her oldest sister, Annie, comes down with a mysterious illness—initially dismissed as “love sickness”—Babie and Zach start investigating what exactly killed the girls’ mother and why their late father became so consumed by grief. What they find changes everything.

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“Shallow Pond was a completely unexpected and unpredictable book! I have found myself constantly predicting the out come of books and movies lately, and Shallow Pond threw me for a loop. Without giving any spoilers, I have to say that Shallow Pond is a great YA sci-fi read! This is the perfect read for the younger reader who isn’t into Sci-fi but would like to start . . .Overall, Shallow Pond was a great read that I recommend to all readers!” from Memories Overtaking Me

“I really enjoyed the subtle undercurrents of love versus obsession. And not just between Babie and Zach . . .It delves into some dark waters, dealing with controversial topics, toeing the line between right and wrong.” from Contagious Reads

“I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a YA read with a mysterious plot, and some unexpected plot twists.” from Bird on a Pencil

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About the Author
Alissa Grosso is the author of the YA novels PopularFerocity Summer and Shallow Pond (Flux). At various points in her working life she has been a tavern wench, a term paper writer, a newspaper editor and a children’s librarian. She lives in Riegelsville, PA.

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