Sirenz Back In Fashion

Sirenz Back In Fashion
by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman
Publisher: Flux, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7387-3187-2
For ages: 12 and up

When Meg insists her roomie Shar try on a Tiffany’s diamond ring from Hades, the too-suave god of the Underworld, it reactivates an obscure clause in their contract. Once again they are his sirens, but this time he’s going to divide the girls up; one to Tartarus, one to stay behind, to fulfill their obligations. If they succeed, will they finally ditch Hades–and all the other pesky Greek gods–and save their souls long enough to finish school?

“Many a mythic figure is introduced along the way—Charon, Cerberus, Hermes, Eurydice—and grave problems are solved with comedic, contemporary flare.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Straying from the typical YA Greek mythology novels, Bennardo and Zaman has created a
unique story that combines the traditional Greek myths with humor, fashion and character that you’ll love!” – Badass Bookie

“In an industry, such as the YA industry which is filled with dark, gloomy and haunting
paranormal books, Sirenz Back In Fashion certainly stands out as unbelievably refreshing and vivacious…Amazing, funny and clever, Sirenz Back In Fashion was all I expected it to be and more.” – A Story Untold

“Sirenz Back In Fashion is packed with humor, romance, adventure and misadventure. Every page is addicting. I couldn’t stop reading this.” – Fragments of Life

“This plot was brilliantly written with little subtle clues throughout that would catch me
offguard…” – Page Turners Blog

“The humor makes this book zip on by…just such fun to read.” – Book Chic

“A heady combination of wonderful storytelling, fantastic characters and hilarious situations combine to make this series a gem in the young adult genre.” – Mel’s Book Blog

Teacher’s Discussion Guide 
1. Have Meg and Shar changed from their previous encounter with Hades and the other
gods of the Greek pantheon? Has Hades? Persephone?
2. Does Hermes fit your idea of an ancient Greek god brought into the modern world like
Hades and the others?
3. How has Hades changed ‘the rules of the game’ for Shar and Meg?
4. Romantic and platonic relationships have changed from the previous book. Discuss how, and what changed the relationship.
5. Shar doesn’t have any siren gifts; what is her advantage/disadvantage in getting the better of Hades, or just completing her part of the deal?
6. Meg has the power—or does she?
7. Would you have done things differently if you were Shar, like give in to Hades? If
you were Meg, would you have sent Paulina to the Underworld? If you were Hades or
Persephone, would you have done anything differently?
8. Sirenz Back In Fashion has two settings; Shar in the Underworld and Meg in their NYC
dorm. How does each help/hinder them? How would/did you envision Tartarus?
9. What advice would you give to the girls in handling the gods? Do you think they can
avoid Hades? What possible situation could arise that would bring them all together
10. Is there anything you’d want badly enough that you’d make a deal with Hades?
11. Which character are you most like and why, and which one would you like to be, and
12. Did it surprise you to see characters like Ben Franklin in Tartarus? Who would you like
to meet in Tartarus- what figure from ancient through modern times?
13. Hades is a complex character; the Underworld appears dark, foreboding, and at times,
horrible, yet there is beauty there that he created. Consider his relationship with Cerberus.
How does this explain the ‘man’ behind the god?

About the Authors
Charlotte Bennardo sees story ideas all around her and has written them down on napkins, the bottoms of her shoes, paper bags–even her arms. When she works at her Bridgewater, NJ office, she pens YA, MG, and adult novels, if she can hide long enough from her three sons, husband, needy cat, and demanding squirrel. Along with Natalie Zaman, she is the co-author of the Sirenz series (Flux).
Author’s website

When not playing with pointed objects, Natalie Zaman is usually writing. She lives in central New Jersey with her family and several fine looking chickens.

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